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headshot of Anita Pari sitting at a piano

Anita Pari is a composer, pianist, and cellist from Ottawa, currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at McGill University. In recent years, Anita’s music has taken inspiration from a variety of themes, ranging from mental health to the study of birdsongs that she has encountered while birdwatching. Through her creative work, she often reflects on and reimagines aspects of her lived experience, drawing from circumstances and events that have shaped her identity. She has recently received the Luba Zuk Piano Duo Composition Commission Prize from McGill University and has been invited to compose a piece for the QUASAR saxophone quartet.


Anita’s compositional output includes music for orchestra, wind ensemble, choir, various chamber groups, solo  Orche


piano, live electronics, and fixed media electronics. Her compositions have been performed by the Prisme Ensemble ("Incongruous"), the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble ("The Voices that Pull Me from the Darkness"), the McGill Wind Orchestra ("Bright Distance Blurring"), the Composer-Performer Orchestration Research Ensemble (“To A Lullaby”), the Cecilia Quartet (“Nocturne for Strings”), and the Harmonia Choir (Worlds Apart: Pappy's Song"), among other groups.


In addition to her work in composition, Anita frequently performs her own music or interprets other composers’ works in concert. Anita has given solo recitals across Ontario as well as soloist appearances with orchestras such as l'Orchestre classique de Montréal, the National Academy Orchestra, the Lancaster Symphony, and the Frost Symphony Orchestra. In 2019, she recorded and released a CD featuring a selection of her own compositions, which included her four-movement cello sonata “Escape” and her solo piano works “Directions” and “Urban Movement.” Later that year, she went on to perform these works at the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival. 

Anita holds ARCT diplomas in piano and cello as well as a Bachelor of Music degree from Carleton University, where she received the Governor General’s Academic Medal for graduating at the head of the 2020 undergraduate class. In 2022, she completed her Master of Music degree in Composition at McGill University. She currently studies composition with Dr. Melissa Hui, and has formerly studied with Dr. Brian Cherney (composition), Dr. James Wright (composition), Nicole Presentey (piano), Dr. Jamie Parker (piano), and Peter Rapson (cello).

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