Piano Concerto (in progress)

For solo piano / 2(picc.)222 / 4231 / timp, perc / strings


For cello and piano

“Escape” is a cello sonata in four movements, inspired by elements of my own experience with mental illness. The movements are linked by their related emotional states, as well as musical devices such as ostinatos, polytonality, and frequent pedal points. 


For solo piano


“Directions” is a work for solo piano that explores questions of contrast and unity in the context of motive-based writing. In this work, I attempt to preserve a recognizable unity from start to finish through the use of motives, in the midst of dramatic progressions and shifts in mood, activity, and character. 


Urban Movement

For solo piano


“Urban Movement” is a short, virtuosic work that makes extensive use of strong, rhythmic ostinatos. Listening to these short, driving patterns, I would often imagine scenes of a noisy metropolis bustling with activity.


Danza extraña

For solo piano


Originally conceived as an etude, “Danza extraña” presents a series of “strange dances,” linked together by brief connective material and maintaining a single quick tempo throughout. 


Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano


Written for friends of mine who played together in a flute/cello/piano trio, this work has a deeply pensive, often distant quality. It centers around long, gradual build-ups of intensity while remaining heavily grounded in a single chord progression. This progression continues to cycle throughout much of the work’s seven minutes.


Nocturne for Strings

For string quartet


Based on my “Nocturne in F-sharp Minor” for piano, this nocturne for string quartet takes the same melodies to a more complex and fuller realization. I aimed for expansion both contrapuntally and in formal structure from the original piano version. As this quartet was my first attempt at writing for a chamber group, I spent a lot of time working out counterpoint between the instruments and searching for a method of smooth voice-leading that would enhance the romantic nature of the music. 


Nocturne in F-sharp Minor

For solo piano

“Nocturne in F-sharp Minor” was directly inspired by the piano nocturnes of Frédéric Chopin. In this nocturne, I emulated the sense of longing, the transparent textures, and the long lines that I enjoyed in the nocturnes I was practicing. Suitable for an intermediate / advanced pianist at an RCM Grade 8 or 9 level. 


Sonatina in C Major

For solo piano


Inspired by my favourite sonatinas as a young pianist, this “Sonatina in C Major” follows the conventions of a Classical sonatina. It includes a first movement in sonata-allegro form, a slower second movement, and a joyous rondo to finish. Suitable for an intermediate pianist at an RCM Grade 6-8 level.


Maple Syrup Suite

For solo piano


A three-movement collection for young pianists, “Maple Syrup Suite” is comprised of three maple syrup-themed movements: “Drip, Drip, Sap,” “Sweet, Sweet, Dance,” and “Yum, Yum, Taffy!” Suitable for a beginner / intermediate pianist at an RCM Grade 3-5 level. 




















in progress